Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Packing for Prague

My husband and I will be traveling to Eastern Europe later this week. I am looking forward to posting our photos and experiences once we return in a couple of weeks. As a frequent traveler, I have put together pre-packing and packing lists, which are helpful, especially for lengthy overseas trips. I thought I would share some selected tips with my dear blog readers:

• Always pack a pashmina shawl, along with a neck pillow, earplugs, and a blindfold for long airplane trips
• Call your cellphone carrier to activate an overseas SIM card in your Blackberry or iPhone.
• Carry one ATM card and load the account before you leave!
• Pack all vitamins and prescription and non-prescription meds
• Fill out a medication form listing all prescriptions and dosages
• Don’t forget your passport!
• To lighten your load, cut out articles from magazines and/or print out articles from the Internet to read and Sudoku or crossword puzzles to work on the plane.
• Pack healthy, non-perishable snacks to bring on the plane with you in case there are delays.
• Charge your cell phone, BlackBerry/iPhone, digital camera, netbook, iPod, and any other electronic devices you want to take as well as all chargers – AND an extra memory card or two for your camera. Don’t forget your wall socket adapters for 220 voltage!
• Make a note of the things to do when you get home and leave it on your desk.
• Wear Velcroclosure or slip-on shoes to make it easier to go through airport security.
• Pack a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses
• Ensure that you have tagged your luggage with your name and contact information (put only your first initial(s) and your full last name for safety reasons) - inside and out.
• Make your luggage easy to identify from others by wrapping a colored or plaid ribbon or band securely around the handle (nothing dangling), or apply stickers to the sides.
• Roll several garments together rather than packing flat. You can fit more in and it distributes the weight more evenly and causes fewer wrinkles.
• Use a lightweight knapsack (with a luggage tag attached) as your carry-on luggage, as it can go on all day trips and bus tours. Also pack a small or medium-sized over-the-head shoulder bag/purse to use during non-tour times. Carry on all valuable items, i.e., electronic equipment, cameras, film, cash, jewelry, passport, tickets, flight confirmation info, emergency numbers/embassy addresses, medications, prescriptions, and keys. In case of luggage loss or delay, also carry on sufficient toiletries/makeup, tissues, travel-sized Clorox and/or antibacterial wipes, chewing gum/mints, small folding umbrella, tour info/guides, reading material, foreign-language dictionary/ phrase book, pens, pencils, paper/small notebook/journal, medical information, and copies of prescriptions, and your itinerary.
• Other useful items to pack: small sewing kit/safety pins, Q-Tips, tweezers/ nail clippers/scissors, small flashlight, eyeglass lens cloth or spray, toothpicks, stain remover pen or wipes, binoculars, small magnified make-up mirror, and a lint roller
• It is wise to pack and wear inexpensive watches and jewelry.
• Hairdryers are usually not necessary to pack – check with your hotels before you leave…


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Wonderful travel tips, some things I wouldn't have thought of.

    Have a great time in Eastern Europe. I hear Prague is wonderful. I've been to Poland and it was great.

  2. LOVE your kitties! I have purchased Stonewall Kitchen goodies for years! Thanks for the good wishes - we also are visiting Krakow and Warsaw - this is a "roots" trip for my husband!

    All the very best, Cassandra ♥

  3. Dear Cassandra, Writing from Budapest I do hope that you have a lovely time in Prague. Today's skies are bright blue and, at last, winter appears to be in retreat. Have a safe return.

  4. Ah, Budapest! Enjoy, Edith! I am happy to hear there is a taste of spring - I am packing for all eventualities in the weather...expecting the worst (snow, rain, near freezing temperatures) and will be thrilled if we are treated to a few spring-like days! Have a safe journey and post photos when you return...Cassandra ♥


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