Monday, March 1, 2010

Paneled Thistle EAPG

Another love of mine is Early American Pressed Glass (EAPG), especially "Paneled Thistle", a.k.a. "Delta" and "Canadian Thistle". This pattern was produced from 1900 through 1915 by the John B. Higbee Glass Company of Bridgeville, Pennsylvania. When the company closed in 1918, the molds were sold to the Jefferson Glass Company of Toronto, Ontario. The pattern was reproduced by the L.G. Wright company in the 1940s and 1970s. As Americans moved away from the simple utensils of pioneer times, the American invention in the 1820s of a mechanical pressing machine helped the American glass manufacturers successfully compete against the inexpensive glass being produced at the time by English and Irish companies. Pressed glass was made by forcing melted glass into iron molds which had the various patterns cut right into them.


  1. EAPG is beautiful! My daughter gave me a square EAPG cake stand last year for Christmas! (She found it at a hospital thrift store!) I just LOVE it! Hugs, Heidi

  2. I love EAPG too. Always have, but didn't realize what it was until recently. It's beautiful glass.

  3. Such beauty. Too bad the younger generations do not appreciate it.

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  4. Hi, Which is considered more valuable: the Higbee with the bee or not the Higbee? I have many pieces from my grandmother without the bee. Thanks, Lynn


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