Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teddy Bears

A Collection of Children with their "Teddies"
My first "best friend" was a teddy bear simply, yet appropriately, named, "Teddy". I received Teddy from Santa (my parents!) when I was almost 6 months old.

Here he is pictured with me on my first birthday...
...and a couple years later when I was almost three.
My Teddy was "born" in Germany. His "fur" is grey mohair, and he has black shoe-button eyes. His "paws" were originally yellow felt as pictured above, but they wore out from much kissing and loving. I will never forget my sorrow as he was "stored" in the top of a closet for weeks, awaiting surgery/repair! He still sports a bent right ear from his closet "prison" time! At long last, my grandmother, Lavenua, rescued him. She cut up one of her old black felt hats to create new "paws". I will never forget how difficult it was for her to sew on those heavy, thick felt pieces to Teddy's mohair body! Those paws have never worn out, and Teddy still graces a bookshelf in my home.

Teddy must wear bifocals now and a sweater to keep him warm ~ note that he still has that bent right ear!!!

Be sure to click on the album above to see my collection of old photos of children and their "teddies".

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