Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Gardens of Gold" ~ Cassandra's Collection of Decorative Publishers’ Bindings

Decorative Publishers' Bindings

To view, please click on photo above.

My antiquarian book collection, authored by both well- and lesser-known authors, encompasses novels, poetry, and nature, religious, and historical themes. Most are bound in embossed and gilt stamped cloth and showcase imaginative design, rich materials, and skilled artistry. The “mass-produced” books of this particular era became elaborate vehicles for the visual arts and technical innovation. These books have been commanding increasingly more attention over the past two decades from discerning collectors, decorators, dealers, and librarians. Preservation and conservation of these antique books is important, as they are in limited supply and the demand for fine examples is increasing. Yet, despite the visual appeal of these attractive covers and the fact that they are authentic products of the period, they remain relatively unknown - new finds are occurring each day at brick-and-mortar or online used book sellers, antique dealers, flea markets, yard sales – or even on your own bookshelves!

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