Friday, July 23, 2010

Song in a Sea Shell & Some Lovely Seaside Scenes

I held a sea shell to my ear,
And listened to its tale
Of vessels bounding o'er the main
And all the ships that sail.
It sang of brilliant water flowers—
The bright anemones
That bloom beneath the ocean waves—
Tossed in from seven seas.

Each time I harken to this song,
I hear the breakers moan,
And fancy that a warning bell
Rings from a lighthouse lone.
No longer need I wish to go
Where foam-capped billows swell,
For I've an ocean of my own
Within this pearly shell.

~ Violet L. Cuslidge

And, of course, Cassandra must add a couple of sea-themed antiquarian books from her collection:


  1. What a lovely post summer feelings.....enjoy your weekend have fun Ria...

  2. Dear Cassandra, What beautiful seaside reminiscences which brought back fond memories for me of childhood holidays by the sea at Swanage. My parents took a coastguard cottage each summer there and, inflatable water wings in place, [for I could not and still cannot swim!!] I would explore Swanage Bay and its myriad of rockpools. Happy days!!

  3. This was a particularly lovely post. Reminds of how I used to view the world in childhood and my awe of the sea...

  4. Hi Cassandra - I found your blog from the blog hop - so glad I did! Love your collection of images - nostalgic and sweet. Hope you get to enjoy the seaside soon.

  5. Hi. Just toured your lovely home. It is so gorgeous and like a step back in time. We also have a saltbox home; but we built it only 20 years ago.
    Love the old book you found Bright Ideas for Entertaining and look forward to hearing more ideas from the early 1900's. I just love reading old history like this.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    ~ Julie


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