Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bouquets of Thanks…The Joys of Blogging - and, Awards, Also!

Although I have been and will continue to be an intermittent blogger this summer due to many travels - as well as extended stays at our currently “internet-deprived” farmhouse in upstate New York, I extend a sincere thank you to my regular readers for their continued support and a warm welcome to some lovely new followers. Once back home in mid-August, I look forward to following, once again, your wonderful postings.

As blogging is new to me (since only March of this year), I have been constantly amazed at how fun, interesting, and rewarding it can be. I have enjoyed following so many creative, insightful and inspiring blogs and have learned so very much from fellow bloggers. What a gift to be presented with awards from two bloggers, whose lovely blogs I so enjoy!

First, my sincere thanks to Rosemary of Content in a Cottage for presenting me last month with my first ever blogging award - a Sunshine Award!

I now “pass the torch” to my most loyal friends and blogger friends, in addition to Rosemary, who comment regularly (both publicly and privately). It is suggested that they, too, pass on the sunshine - for, as author and dramatist, James M. Barrie, so eloquently stated, “Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.” Reading each of the blogs below has certainly brought sunshine into my life!

Betsy W. - my most ardent encourager

Catherine of Le Monde de Catherine

Edith of Edith Hope’s Garden Journal

Gina of A Touch of Super Sappy ROMANCE and Antique Art Garden

Jacoba of Les Trois Jardins

Jeanne of Collage of Life, Finding My Way, In One Place, and B-Well Report

Jeanne at Tales from a Cottage Garden

Jeri of Hopalong Hollow Gazzette

Katy of In the Sunny Spot

Ria of It’s Me

Rosie of Leaves n’ Blooms

Saskia of Join My Joy

Sonny R.


Susan M.

Also, bouquets of thanks to Katy Noelle, author of one of my very favorite blogs, In the Sunny Spot, for awarding to me the esteemed Charm Award:

The award’s rule is that I must pass it along and share some additional things about myself.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I pass this special award to Edith Hope of Edith Hope’s Garden Journal. Edith is not only an expert gardener, whose knowledge of plants is nothing short of impressive and inspiring; but also a most outstanding writer on a variety of charming topics and travels. All who comment on Edith’s postings must be so very appreciative, as am I, of such prompt and gracious responses to each comment.

Some additional information about myself:

1. As a child, I once worked with a sister and several friends to create a clover chain that encircled our entire town block!

2. As an educator (before retirement), I have had many wonderful positions, yet one of my favorites was as an Education Projects Manager at our local Public Television Station, in which I coordinated institutes for teachers about environmental health and cancer.

3. I am a Mexican food fanatic – guacamole, refried beans, tacos, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, tamales, tostadas are, to me, the ultimate comfort foods!

4. Perhaps because I grew up on the land-locked plains of Indiana, I especially love mountains and the sea.

5. During my retirement years, a goal is to write children’s books.


  1. Dear Cassandra, What can I say? Thank you SO much for your exceedingly kind thought and for the very generous comments which you have made about my postings and, not least, for the link to my weblog. I really do appreciate your kindness and will treasure the award all the more as it is the first I have ever received.

    I do so hope that you will enjoy the coming weeks at your lovely farmhouse - free of the internet! - but that you will not spend all of your time working on projects connected with the house and garden. I, along with many others, will look forward to your safe return. In the meantime, my renewed thanks and good wishes. E

  2. Dear cassandra...congratulations with your awards !! great price for a great blog....and thank you so much..giving me my one !! i am happy now...i put it on my blog.......thanks thanks !!! happy day...hugs from me.....

  3. Cassandra thankyou so much - I feel so privileged to receive such an award from you. I love coming over here though I too have had a little break over the past 10 days and another one soon too. I always love your verses and beautiful pictures.

    Thankyou too for the link to my blog - I will write soon in recognition of the award and let you know once its published. (((hugs))) Rosie

  4. Congratulations Cassandra - you've got a very nice blog and that was a lovely post too!


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