Thursday, May 27, 2010

Magnificent Peacocks

While most children’s grandparents have pet cats, dogs, or even a horse or two, my paternal grandparents had a pet peacock ~ “Prince”. Despite Grandpa’s best efforts at building a weasel/fox-proof cage in their sheep pasture, Prince was destined to consort with at least two “Princesses”! How delighted my sister and I were when Prince would strut around with his beautiful fan tale for Princess!

Here he is, in all his magnificence! (Note sheep in the back right...)

I have always considered peacocks the most magnificent of birds and feel blessed to have had such early and close access to such unique and beautiful pets. Nearly half a century later, my sisters and I delight in decorating our homes with a gift from Prince - his lovely feathers.

...and, of course, some lovely antiquarian books featuring peacocks and their feathers...


  1. I used to have tons of peacock feathers in large goofus glass ( made in the late 1800's ) vases. Such a great memory, and no bird is as beautiful, thanks !

  2. Two peacocks joined our farm family a few weeks ago and I am delighted with them. We won't have much of a feather show for another year, but they are spreading their tails nevertheless. I guess they are practicing. Love this post!


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