Monday, June 28, 2010

More "Bright Ideas for Entertaining"

As promised, another in a series of ideas for entertaining from my 1905 antique book: Bright Ideas for Entertaining by Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott, a.k.a, Hilda Bates Linscott...

Red, White and Blue Luncheon

"The entire color scheme of this Fourth of July luncheon must be worked out in the national colors; as far as possible the doilies used should be designed in star-shaped patterns, with a border in wash silks of interwoven red carnations and blue corn-flowers. Suspended directly over the centre of the table, a huge liberty bell should be hung, composed of red, white and blue carnations and blue corn-flowers. Descending therefrom should be ropes of red, white and blue ribbon, terminiating at the four corners of the table. The luncheon to be served should be as far as possible in the prevailing colors, the ices might be in firecracker form, and the starry banner should appear wherever it can be introduced. Draperies and pictures indicative of the occasion should be placed in conspicuous places, and do not forget a goodly supply of pyrotechnics to conclude the day. Such a luncheon will certainly commend itself to all, and most particularly to the younger element."

The author goes on to suggest a number of verses to be written on cards and passed around among the guests after they have left the table. Below are some examples which certainly must have contributed to a laughter-filled, fun occasion!

"We'd like to hear you tell today,
Some funny things that children say."

"Your talent gives us much delight,
We wish that you would please recite."

"Your part in this program to help us along
Will give us much pleasure; please sing us a song."

"Tell some joke on yourself, your wife, or your friend.
But we hope that you'll have it pleasantly end."

"Without a bit of gossip sweet,
This program would not be complete.
Be sure that whole the seasons roll,
This crown will never tell a soul."

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  1. I wish she had pictures of her doilies and the thing over the table! What great ideas, though. I love the cards!


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