Monday, October 17, 2011

Shop Windows of Paris

(Photos taken by Cassandra)
On a recent trip to Paris during “Fashion Week,” I thoroughly enjoyed the many shopping and “window shopping” opportunities.  The French term for window shopping, faire du lèche-vitrine, translates directly as “to go window licking.” Of course the shop windows were filled with fabulous fall haute couture, but I chose to photograph some more varied items during my three days of walking the streets of Paris…

Au revoir!


  1. What a cute rabbits.......did you buy one???..lovely week from

  2. I love peering into shop windows. I'm a "window shopper" at heart. I've no money to spend, but expensive taste! ;)
    Beautiful photographs.

  3. You are one creative lady! Those pictures are lovely and fun! By the way - I sure didn't know what "window shopping" came from!! :)


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