Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Sunset

(Photos recently taken by Cassandra at her upstate New York farm...)

Sweet day of summer balm and rest,
Oh, stay thy flight!
Still wave, above yon mountain's crest,
Thy banners bright!
Still hold the portals of the west
Against the night!

Lo!  how the waving forest trees
Beckon they stay!
Hark, how the fragrant evening's breeze
Doth woo delay!
While thrushes plead across the leas,
Pass not away!

But though all nature join the cry,
Not yet - not yet!
Behind yon rocky rampart high
Thy sun will set!
Each bird will hush - each floweret's eye
With tears be wet!

E'en now beyond the purpling hill
Thy light hath past:
The woodland shadows, silent chill--
Are o'er me cast.
The while thou wingest, tireless till
Thou gild the east!

The Father knows we cannot bear
Unclouded light;
Therefore each perfect day must share
With darksome night --
Until He bring that dawning fair,

~ George S. Dwight, from The Cool of the Day, 1892

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