Wednesday, January 12, 2011


During the past three months my responses to the many lovely blogs I follow, as well as postings on Cassandra Considers, have been substantially lessened due to an exciting new project with which my husband and I were blessed in October: our new winter home located near the Gulf of Mexico in beautiful Florida!

Thus far, I have made three quick trips to our home to oversee renovations and to begin purchasing furniture. It will be a work in progress for months to come, but one that will give us much pleasure and enjoyment as we also take time to explore the historical, natural, culinary and cultural gifts of the Sarasota area.

Please enjoy the photos below, which I have been able to capture so far, of the amazing Florida sunsets (as seen over the lagoon behind our home and from the Gulf shoreline) and the varied flora and fauna of our area.


Great Egret on the Lake Behind our House
Coastline View along the Tampa Bay
A Colony of Black Skimmers on the Gulf Coast of Lido Key


  1. Congratulations Cassandra, it looks wonderful!!
    What an exciting time for you...enjoy :)

    Jeanne xxx

  2. Wow, And all this time I thought you were freezing up in New York!


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